Mains Safety 

The full service includes the following:  a check of the RCD, the earth bonding and a check of  each appliance to ensure that they are using the correct amount of amps. This will point to correct operation or show up faults that may not be detected by simply switching them on. Every caravan should have a three yearly ‘Test and Inspection’ of the mains electrical system. In addition to the electrical checks mentioned above this also includes: a visual check of the wiring, removal of sockets and connectors to check the wire fittings a test of the wiring insulation A report is produced showing the result of the tests and checks. The ‘Test and Inspection’ can be done separately or as part of a full caravan service. If done as part of the full service the cost is reduced as there is some overlap with the checks made during a service.

Gas Safety  

This is include in the full service, but you can ask for just a gas safety check. The Gas  pressure is checked to ensure there are no leaks. Each appliance is started to make sure they light and run correctly. Where possible the flue gases are analysed to ensure that the gas is burning correctly.


If you have an NCC approved caravan that is still within the manufacturers warranty period  I can service it and still retain your warranty. This will include caravans built by Bailey, Swift, Elddis, Adria, and Lunar. If your make is not included here you can contact me to check if I can still do it. I service most caravans built for the British market that were made after the year 2000. If your caravan was built earlier you would need to contact me to discuss the situation. I tend not to work on caravans built earlier than 1995. A full service includes the following: A check of the towing hitch and stabiliser, the corner steadies, wheels, tyres and the braking system. Parts are lubricated as appropriate. A check of the road lights, connections to the car and other functions that should run from the car. A gas safety check, to make sure there are no leaks and the appliances are running correctly. A safety check of the mains system and the appliances to check for correct and safe operation. A check of the 12v system, lights and pump etc. A check of the water system for operation and for any leaks. Bodywork, windows, blind and other fittings are checked for damaged A damp check. A separate report produced. You can ask for a chassis only service or habitation only service. You will need to discuss your requirements with me to obtain a price.


Damp Check 

Regrettably many caravans suffer from water ingress. This is when water finds it’s way through the outer skin of the caravan and gets into the walls. Once there the water cannot find a way out and so it soaks into the wood frame and rot sets in. By the time there is any visual sign of dampness within the walls, i.e.: water coming through the inner skin, bubbling of the surface, black marks appearing or soft wood, the damage has been done. if caught early enough the water ingress can be stopped before any serious damage occurs. I use two damp meters, a non-invasive radio meter and the more common meter that requires two pins to be pushed into the inner surface to measure the water content. The radio meter gives a reliable indication of the presence of damp, whilst the meter with the two pins gives a more accurate indication of just how much dampness is there, so both have to be used during a full damp check. A separate report is produced showing the areas checked and the readings obtained. A full caravan service will include a damp check, you can also request that a damp check is done without without having the full service.
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